Conwy Folk Club

4th December 2016

I've just walked through the Christmas market in the northern city where I live. It's quite a nice market. Its like almost every other Christmas market I have been to. Anyway. There's a bloke with a stall at the market selling perfumes and aftershaves. He's got an offer on which is buy one, get four free. BOGFF. I couldn't believe my eyes. Take that capitalism. An altruism 2016 simply hasn't seen. It might even smell nice.

I have no such offers on at any of the gigs I'm doing in December. For instance, I'm doing a solo gig in St Neots on Tuesday 6th. You can buy a ticket. And you'll get in. But four of your mates won't get in for free. I'm sorry. That bloke at the Christmas market is making me look like a raging capitalist, I know. Guilty.

After that solo gig, which I'd be delighted if you came to, there's some other gigs this month.

A duo gig with Ciaran at the wonderful Conwy folk club. Conwy has a great castle. Old and in tact. It'll be lovely to play music with Ciaran again, it's been a little while. After that gig we are doing two Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar Band gigs. 16th & 17th December. Us, plus two other people. It's a surprise who the other people are. But I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. We're excited. Few tickets still available for both.

Then, the last gig of the year is a festival in northern Germany; Zwischen Den Jahren. For those of you with a GCSE in German or whatever the middle aged person equivalent is.... or those of you who are viewing this on Google Chrome and have the option to translate web page... you'll know that means Between the Years. It's got the potential to be a belter. As a result, however, I'll be sharing a Travelodge room with Ciaran Algar on the evening of Boxing Day. Because we fly early on the 27th from one of London's ever growing airports.

But that's ok, it means I can personally give him his Christmas present; three bottles of aftershave.

Then we, I, the collective tentatively look forward to 2017. A year in which Donald Trump will take residence of the White House, Britain will amble someway closer towards leaving the European Union and by about the 4th January your Facebook mate will have already left a status saying "stop the world I want to get off".

Forgetting all of that for a second. I'm immensely excited about The Transports, Shake the Chains, more Sweet Visitor Band tours, more G&C tours and solo things. And seeing if that bloke is offering buy one get 5 free at Christmas '17.

Hope to see you somewhere. X





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