5th September 2016

I'm moving house. I will no longer live with my parents. I'm moving into a mid terrace. My mum's worried about this because as I'm a musician, I play guitar and sing every so often which has the potential to make me quite an annoying neighbour. I've pointed out to my mum that I've won two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and thus my neighbours will be begging me to sing and play louder, grasping the opportunity to hear me for less than £8. We'll see.

I was going to leave that there, un-touched, a joke which would have you all rolling around your living rooms. However, with the nature of the Internet as it is, just in case anyone has read that and thought "what a ****"; I'll wait until they put £8 through my letter box before I play the first chord.

In other news, Ciaran Algar and I have been working together for 5 years. We had our 5th anniversary two weeks ago. People always say things like "you spend a lot of time together, do you annoy each other? Do you find Ciaran annoying?". To which the answer is of course, yes. He's probably the second most annoying thing in my life, just behind people asking me how much money I earn and mildly more annoying than discovering one wheatabix left in the box.

But it's great. We have a genuinely enjoyable, and fairly productive, time. I'm immensely proud of what we've achieved as a duo; we once played a 50 minute set instead of a 45 minute set when we were supporting Chaz & Dave because they'd gone to Driffield instead of Beverley. We didn't even ask for 5 minutes of their fee. Anyway. I can't put my finger on why it works, but for some reason it does. And I hope there's at least 5 more years of it. Onwards.

We're on the road at the moment. Depending on when the website fairies get this live, we're currently in York or maybe in London. Or having a few days off before heading to Bradford and then onwards.

After a few more G&C gigs, there's two A Days Work gigs in the middle of the month. The penultimate gigs, the last one being in November. It's been a beautiful thing to be involved in. Something I've enjoyed a lot.

And then it's onto a Nancy Kerr and The Sweet Visitor Band tour. Promoting Nancy's second album, Instar, which is remarkable. It discusses so many important topics. It is so musical. And it's just great.

With all this going on AS WELL AS the Labour leadership election and the continuation of The Great British Bake Off, September is looking quite busy. If you've any energy left, after debating the moral compass of Morris men and Shrewsbury Folk Festival, it would be delightful to see you at a gig. 1st September 2016 - YORK, Black Swan Folk Club

3rd September 2016 - LONDON London Folk Festival
8th September 2016 - BRADFORD, Topic Folk Club
9th September 2016 - ANDOVER, The Lights
10th September 2016 - DERBYSHIRE VillageFolk
14th September 2016 - CAMBRIDGESHIRE - Ely Folk Club
15th September 2016 - ELLESMERE PORT, Hungry Horse Folk Club
16th September 2016 - BRISTOL - Nailsea Folk Club
17th September 2016 - DORSET - Bridport Arts Centre w/A Days Work Show
18th September 2016 - GLOCESTERSHIRE - Winterbourne Medieval Barn w/A Days Work Show
23rd September 2016 - GATESHEAD The Sage w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
26th September 2016 - LEICESTER The Musician w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
27th September 2016 - SHEFFIELD The Greystones w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
28th September 2016 - SHEFFIELD The Greystones w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
29th September 2016 - STOCKTON The Arc Arts Centre w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
4th October 2016 - CHIPPING NORTON Chiping Norton Theatre w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
5th October 2016 - PETERBOROUGH Viva City Theatre w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
6th October 2016 - LONDON Cecil Sharp House w/Nancy Kerr's Sweet Visitor Band
7th October 2016 - BRADFORD UPON AVON Wiltshire Music Centre w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
8th October 2016 - GRANTHAM Guildhall Arts Centre w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
9th October 2016 - TOPSHAM Folk Club w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band
10th October 2016 - Surbiton House Concert
12th October 2016 - ALDERSHOT West End Centre w/ Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band





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